Team leader/Senior rigger/Apprentice for Wireless Telecommunication Networks (To work in the UK and/or Ireland)

  • Full-time
  • 1-5 vagas
  • Expira em 1 dia
  • .
  • Full-time
  • 1-5 vagas
  • Expira em 1 dia
  • .
  • Irlanda, Reino Unido
  • Telecomunicacoes, Engenharias, Gestao de Equipas, Engenharia Informatica


O que procura nos candidatos


The purpose of the role of Team Leader is to lead a team and teach them the skills relevant to Telecoms services works.

Senior Riggers will take on any rigging tasks at which time they will then be able to work on any network with confidence and competency in supporting the Team Leaders by following instruction whilst showing the ability to progress.

The purpose of the role of Apprentice Rigger is to begin training to acquire the skills relevant to Telecoms services works through a 12-18 month apprenticeship. Apprentice Riggers will take on any rigging tasks once they have completed the relevant training and progress to Rigger at which time, they will then be able to work on any network with confidence and competency with Team Leaders support by following instruction whilst showing the ability to progress.


Experience – Essential 

  • To show good and confident climbing skills
  • Complex steelwork designs 
  • Site installations using cranes/hi abs 
  • Cherry pickers/traffic management 
  • Abseiling 
  • 7-50 installations 
  • Towers/Rooftops/Streetworks 

Skills – Essential 

  • To be reliable and have a good approach to work 
  • Have a good time keeping record. 
  • Work must be to a high quality. 
  • The ability to show initiative 
  • Honest approach to work 
  • Effective Communication skills including an excellent telephone manner 
  • Good level of maths and number skills 
  • Proven ability to work and learn in fast-paced environment 
  • Ability to organise work in a timely and effective manner 
  • Ability to prioritise and organise work effectively creating agendas, minutes, correspondence, documentation and presentations 
  • Able to multi-task on a variety of tasks working independently and, in a team, oriented, collaborative environment 


  • Role specific training will be provided by the company 
  • For Team leader Minimum of 4 years in the Rigging profession with at least 1 year as a Junior Team Leader. 
  • For Senior rigger, Minimum of 2 year in the Rigging profession.
  • For apprentice, Full clear UK Driving Licence  and must be 18 years or over 

Que funções irão desempenhar

Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Ability to use PPE correctly, uninstructed by the team leader 
  • Be the man up the tower and show good and confident climbing skills with the ability to work on a tower as quickly and to the same standard as if you were on the floor 
  • To have consistently shown the ability to perform junior team leader’s role, unassisted 
  • Ability to complete any job with any team and provide on-site training to your team 
  • To be confident with a wide range of site configurations 
  • To be proficient in the use of all site support software- (ISDP, Jotform, Sitelive Kathrein software and Orientation tool.) 
  • To build a site from start to finish unassisted not including handover or H&S requirements. 
  • Ability to navigate all relevant documentation with Sitelive and embedded docs, specifications and Trello 
  • Ability to install antennas and basic steelwork solutions 
  • To show knowledge of antenna configurations and connection requirements
  • Experienced on historical antenna systems and up to date with the latest 5g kit 
  • To show a general knowledge of the specifications 
  • Show the ability to follow drawings and work off them 
  • Able to run feeders/fibres/DC, Able to terminate feeders to length (precision termination)
  • Show a basic ability to neatly install cables 
  • To be able to fit a wide range of connectors 
  • To be able to install jumpers 
  • Able to terminate feeders to length (precision termination). 
  • To set up site, highlighting and recording risks and implementing control measures 
  • To capture RAMS amendments correctly 
  • To manage a team and show training and leadership skills 
  • Have knowledge of company policies 
  • Able to check equipment vs drawings to ensure correct config is achievable and correct equipment is on site 
  • Ability to overcome problems, suggest suitable solutions 
  • Good communication with the office colleagues. 
  • Deal with site providers, lockdown, war room, H&S 
  • Use of Sitemaster, fibre tester, PIM tester 
  • To provide all required information to office on time and when expected 
  • To provide a basic set of hand tools 
  • To keep site tidy 
  • To keeps a tidy and clean van with stock for all eventualities 
  • To take care of work equipment/tools 
  • To be able to use and correctly apply a variety of knots 
  • To be able to prep all materials on site 
  • Ability to hang rope and block and understand rope techniques 
  • Able to earth a variety of sites uninstructed 
  • To show an understanding of the site requirements and install equipment correctly under supervision 
  • To undertake other duties not specifically stated which from time to time are necessary without altering the nature or level of responsibility 

General Responsibilities 

  • To adhere to the Company’s Equal Opportunities policy in all activities, and to actively promote equality of opportunity wherever possible. 
  • To be responsible for your own health and safety and that of your colleagues, in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and relevant EC directives. 
  • To work in accordance with the Data Protection Act 
  • To provide a healthy and comfortable working environment 
  • Show a good approach to work and have fulfilled the role of a Trainee Rigger to a high standard consistently.

Quais os benefícios oferecidos

Salary and working conditions

  • Band Field, Annual Salary pending on experience:
  • Team Leader £46,800-49,400
  • Senior Rigger £33,800-39,000 
  • Apprentice rate £26,000.00
  • Where required to stay away from the main residence an additional £70 per day will be paid for accommodation and food.
  • Healthcare surcharge and visa application fee will be paid by the company.
  • Expatriate conditions including flights.

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