Quality and Change Coordinator (Q&C Coordinator)

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Nº de Vagas: 6-10 vagas

Tipo: Full-time

Salário(por ano): Depends on experience

Setor: Outros Serviços

Função: Developer TI

Região: Malta

Quality and Change Coordinator (Q&C Coordinator)
As a Quality and Change Coordinator role is responsible for acting as a liaison between all departments and the Development department. All aspects of the role will be to improve, fix and ensure all technical aspects of the customer centric experience is the best service in the industry.
Key responsibilities/ tasks
·         Take care of all incoming reports regarding bugs and errors on support platform.
·         Check and confirm the issues that is reported
·         The person then need to figureout together with the CTO who is responsible for the development and bug fixing for the specific issue.
·         Assign the task to the relevant developer(s) and make sure SLA is followed.
·         Resolved Issues should be tested then inform/update the person(s) reporting the issue.
·         The Q&A Coordinator reports to CTO both in title and reporting on a regular basis
·         Managing release notes and change log.
·         Take care of all testing of new developments, integrations with 3rd parties and sign off releases. When a developer need something tested the person need to test it in all ways possible and report the issues found to the developer.
·         Do daily tests on the site to find issues and bugs.
·         Responsible for testing all changes in monthly releases and gathering as much data and information as possible to help with the debugging process.
·         Investigating and debugging issues which have been internally communicated
·         Monitoring grafana to make sure hardware is managing.
·         Monitoring the log backup / inspection system Games department has implemented for issues (fatal errors for instance) and security issues.
Internal communications
·         Responsible for liaising with respective stakeholders (fraud, affiliation, games etc) to make sure that features and changes have been implemented according to expectations.
·         Manning ‘devsupport’ and filtering / condensing / investigating issues relieving this duties from the developers
·         Documenting the system and making sure the policies and procedures stay up to date when changes happen. These documents will be used for onboarding people everywhere in the whole organization.
External Communications
·         Follow forums online to see customer reports on issues on site. Check these issues and try to recreate them.
·         Perform test in PHPMyAdmin to test the system Change Procedure Manager (CPM)
·         Responsible for the management and administration of the change procedure under the supervision of the Change Advisory Board (CAB) in such a manner that business benefit Confidential and continuity of services is promoted, and compliance with rules is ensured, in accordance with the change management policy and procedure.
·         Convening of the CAB and providing it with all pertinent information from the change management records.
·         Collecting, recording and analysing all Requests for Features or Functionality (RFF) from stakeholders.
·         Creating and recording Requests for Change (RFC) on the basis of RFFs.
·         Obtaining and recording approval (or rejection) and prioritisation of RFCs.
·         Scheduling implementation of RFCs, and communicating and recording the schedule.
·         Monitoring implementation and testing of RFCs, and recording reports.
·         Obtaining, coordinating and recording approval (or rejection) of the release (or back-out) of implementation of RFCs.
·         Ensuring regulatory notification of implementation of RFCs can be made.
·         Ensuring internal verification and/or external audit of implementation of RFCs takes place.
·         Completing documentation of implementation of RFCs and updating the register of system components.
·         Ensuring the implementation of RFCs is evaluated with stakeholders.
·         Managing and recording the process of emergency changes and informing the CAB of emergency changes.
·         Managing the Change Management system when it is up and running,
Team duties/ communication
·         Support and encourage team members.
·         Working effectively and building exceptional relationships with all other team members.
·         Working on ad hoc tasks and projects as required to develop the business as directed by the management team.
·         Liaison internally and externally representing the company.
·         Adhere to company core values, policies and procedures and the code of conduct.
·         Global approach.
·         Completion of MyPlan on a regular action plan (progression plan).
·         Take ownership of any potential risk factors to your role and/or department related to the company and group.
The above duties are a guideline and maybe altered and added to with additional ad-hoc requirements at the company’s discretion.

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